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Professional Auto Detailing Tailored to You.

In addition to individual services we also offer 3 package options that are in 3 different price tiers. This allows you, the customer, to select options that work within your budget. 

A Nice Touch Auto Detailing is a professional auto detailing studio that provides a variety of aesthetic vehicle maintenance and repair services. Services include but are not limited to interior / exterior detail, ceramic coating, paint correction and enhancement, chrome delete, rim restoration, steam clean sanitization and monthly wash maintenance.

Based in North Haven, CT

Because Every Detail Counts.

Quality of service and exceptional results are what set us apart to help better meet customers’ needs. You will receive meticulous work no matter which service you choose. Our services are geared towards problem solving, educating clients on vehicle maintenance, tips for longevity and restoring vehicles back to like new condition.

We also satisfy the consumers' need for a ‘one stop shop’ by serving as a liaison who facilitates the outsourcing of other services including electronics, tints, auto body, rim restoration and color change. We continue to educate ourselves, obtain certifications, licenses, and insurance to offer you the best experience possible. 

We Restore Excellence.

Offering Personalized service for Your Specific needs.

We Believe in Quality and Care.

At our shop, we treat your vehicle as we would treat our own. Choosing to have your vehicle serviced by us, means you are choosing a company that commits to providing 100% quality.

The reviews written by our clients really speak to our work ethics and the attention to detail that we spend on each and every vehicle.

We provide excellent customer service along with education behind every service we offer to make the client feel 100% confident when investing in their vehicle.

Answers to some of the most common questions about our services.


Why should I bring my vehicle in for a detailed hand wash, rather than taking it to an automatic car wash?

Why should I bring my vehicle in for a detailed hand wash, rather than taking it to an automatic car wash?

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that taking your car to a commercial car wash, and using their automated brushes and dryers will actually cause damage to your paint and vehicle? They will leave your car with paint swirls, minor scratches, and bird etching stains that have not been fully removed.

Taking your car to a professional detailer will leave you with the exact opposite. You will benefit from long lasting shine, smooth protected paint, scratch minimizing and/or removal, and your paint will be stain-free. 

In addition, a commercial car wash is not always able to reach certain areas like wheel wells and the inner faces of your rims. A professional detailer will personally make sure these areas are thoroughly cleaned. 

What causes my paint to be dull and to have streaks?

What Causes My Paint To Be Dull And To Have Streaks?

Dull paint and streaks are often a sign of oxidation, which occurs to unprotected paint over time through aging and decay from normal exposure to road grime and UV rays. 

How do I protect my paint?

How Do I Protect My Paint?

You can protect your paint by doing a regular application of a sealant or coating. A sealant provides a protective shield, creating a barrier that helps protect surfaces from corrosive elements such as UV rays and airborne contaminants.

Other destructive factors include acid rain, tree sap, acids from leaf stains, bug spatter and bird droppings. All of these can eat through your paint, causing permanent damage. 

What types of sealant options are there?

What Types Of Sealant Options Are There?

We offer 2 types of sealant options. 
Wax Sealant - This protects your vehicle's paint surface like an invisible shield. A wax will typically last you 3 - 6 months and will keep you temporarily protected. A regular application of wax will ensure paint protection over the lifetime of your vehicle. 
Ceramic Coating - This is a longer lasting coating with the most protection! This coating can offer protection for a minimum of 1 - 2 years or longer, depending on your regular maintenance routine and the wear and tear put on your vehicle.
By investing in ceramic coating you will benefit from low maintenance, because it allows dirt and debris to bounce off of your vehicle with a simple rinse!
This option is ideal for many reasons which include keeping your vehicle looking new, allowing more time in between washes, protection from harsh chemicals, sun rays, salt and debris and more! 

Why do you not list prices on your website?

Why Do You Not List Prices On Your Website?

Every vehicle’s situation is different, it all depends on the size of the vehicle as well as the severity of the vehicle. We personally review each car first, before providing a quote for our clients. This usually only takes 5-10 minutes of your time!


  • Wheels

Complete Exterior Protection

  • Glass
  • Bird Droppings / Tree Sap
  • Trim

Protection From:

  • Paint
  • UV Rays
  • Water / Acid Rain
  • Chemicals / Tar / Dust & Grime
  • Plastic

Complete Interior Protection

  • Leather
  • Bird Droppings / Tree Sap
  • Fabric

Protection From:

  • Trim
  • UV Rays
  • Water / Acid Rain
  • Chemicals / Tar / Dust & Grime

how does it work?

Book a slot in our calendar that works for you. This initial evaluation is completely free and necessary to give you an accurate quote.